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2% Down Payment Gift

2% Down Payment Gift | Logan Utah Home Loans

*** Unfortunately our 2% down payment gift as ended, but we still have a lot of great low down payment options available. Please give us a call to discuss your mortgage options.***

For a limited time Wasatch Mortgage Solutions is going to pay the first two percent of your down payment requirement! We understand that it's tough to save money for a down payment and we want to help. Our 2% gift doesn't have to be repaid, minimizes the amount of money you'll need to bring to closing, and makes it easier to buy your dream home!

How does the 2% down payment gift work?

Combined with a conventional home loan, the 2% gift works like this:

  • We pay the first 2% of your down payment

  • You provide the rest of the down payment requirement

  • We finance the remaining loan amount with a conventional home loan.

To get the mortgage and 2% gift, you'll work with your loan officer through the home loan process. By the time you close on your mortgage, you'll have a beautiful new home with some equity and a little extra money in your bank. Plus using a conventional mortgage will help you save some time and hassle.

Do I qualify for this down payment assistance?

Don't hesitate to call us and see if you qualify for our 2% gift. Here are a few of the general guidelines for this down payment assistance:


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