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Home Loans - Required Documents

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The following information is required as part of the mortgage process. To ensure that your loan closes promptly, please provide these documents within the first 48 hours.

2 most recent paystubs

2 most recent W-2's

Copy of a photo ID (Driver's license preferred)

2 most recent personal federal tax returns

       (complete with all schedules)

If self-employed, 2 most recent federal business tax returns

       (complete with all schedules)

2 most recent official bank statements

        Please provide all pages - if your statement says 7 pages, we need all 7

        Statement must show bank's name/address, your name/address and               account number(s)

        Please provide an explanation/documentation of large deposits

Most recent official retirement account statement, if applicable

        Statement must show institution's name/address, your name/address,             and account number(s)

Copy of official court signed bankruptcy papers, if applicable

Copy of official court recorded divorce decree, if applicable

Purchase Transactions

Copy of the purchase contract with all addendums

Copy of cancelled earnest money check (front and back) AND the official             bank statement that shows where the money came from

Refinance Transactions

Your most recent mortgage statement(s)

Your property tax notice from the current/previous year



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