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Why Should You Use a Realtor?

Have you ever asked yourself if you should work with a Realtor? Or can a Realtor really save you time and money? These are great questions, and a lot of potential home buyers have wondered the same thing. We’d like to help show you why Your Realtor can be a valuable partner as you look for and buy a new home. Here’s a list of some of the biggest benefits you’ll receive from working with Your Realtor.

Your Realtor understands your local market

A lot happens in your local housing market. There is constant change. Change to the number of homes for sale, changes in the pricing of homes, and more. Your Realtor is an expert at staying on top of all of these changes. They also know things like which neighborhoods come with a lower price tag and which areas are highly competitive.

Your Realtor can also show you which school districts are best, available recreational opportunities, and utility costs for each neighborhood. As you try to pinpoint a location for your dream home, you can rely on Your Realtor for guidance. They’ll help you make the best decision for your circumstances.

Your Realtor will help you find more homes

It’s fun to look at houses online, but Zillow and Trulia don’t show every home that’s available near you. To see all the homes in your area, you’ll need Your Realtor’s help! They use the professional MLS (Multiple Listing Service), their business connections, and other resources to create and access a full list of homes for sale near you. They can even find homes that aren’t on the market yet. Plus Your Realtor will schedule a time to see each home that you’re interested in; so you’ll have more homes to look at with less hassle involved.

Your Realtor will be your Advocate - Especially during negotiations

Negotiations are tough! It can be uncomfortable to barter with someone over the purchase price or other conditions, but luckily Your Realtor will be your advocate. Using their find-tuned negotiation skills, they’ll fight to get you the best purchase price possible. Your Realtor will also make sure that the contract terms are in your favor, giving you enough time to take care of necessary inspections or other contingencies. Simply put you’ll avoid costly contractual mistakes and difficult negotiations all together.

Your Realtor will handle your paperwork and deadlines

Buying a home involves some confusing paperwork and critical deadlines. Contracts can get messy when you start adding addendums and riders. Then there are the deadlines for financing, settlement, etc. This is where Your Realtor’s experience with the legal side of buying a home will be extremely valuable. They’ll help you create a compelling contract, navigate those deadlines, and do the leg work required to get you the keys to your dream home. That way you’ll have more time to focus on your new home.

Your Realtor has years of experience and knowledge

Most importantly Your Realtor has years of experience and knowledge in the housing market. They understand the constantly changing laws and regulations, how to avoid setbacks, and the ins and outs of home buying. Your Realtor will use their experience and knowledge to help you find exactly what you want in a home. They'll also make the home buying process easier while saving you time, money, and stress.


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